Stay healthy. Get rewards.

We are an enterprise health and wellness management platform that rewards your employees for living healthy and decreases your healthcare costs.
Our customized platform delivers 5x engagement vs. other corporate wellness programs.

We guarantee 100% privacy. Your information will not be shared.

Mind & Body Coach at Work

You know you do not get up enough at work. But even if you do, do you know what you can do for your neck, back, wrists and mind?

Research proven content

  • 1-2 min mindfullness exercises at your fingertips to de-stress and focus
  • 1-2 min desk yoga exercises throughout the day to stretch
  • Content optimized for your needs: Neck, Back, Wrist, Knees and more
  • Delivered to your desk through your mobile

Tiny breaks; big impact

  • Smart schedule and content optimized to create highest impact in shortest time, working with experts around the world. We call it our healthy-living hacks!

Engage in Wellness

Your motivation for staying active whether it is your friends, colleagues, real rewards or competition – You win!

All your activity data in one place

  • Integrate the wellness apps or your activity bracelet that you already use
  • See your walking, running, cycling, gym check-in data all in one place

Collect those points!

  • Earn WellMiles daily (like AirMiles but for Wellness) when you get your first 5000 steps
  • Earn WellMiles when you check into your gym at work, visit your GP for vaccines and check-ups
  • Get points for running, cycling, reaching your goals and more!

Choose your discount at favorite places & retailers

  • Staying healthy was expensive but it is no longer
  • Spend your WellMiles for discounts at top retailers and healthy everything in our network

Get social!

  • Here is your Yammer for Health. Add friends, follow their healthy activities and like them!
  • Invite friends for a walk or compete in challenges together

What we do

Engage Employees in Wellness

$30B is spent in employee wellness in the US but only 6% of employees actively engage. We help you to get it 5x that increasing your ROI. Through our individualized programs, social reinforment and rewards based incentive mechanisms we help engage your employees whether they are former athletes or not.

Pinpoint and reduce biggest healthcare costs

We start with musculoskeletal healthcare costs which constitute 30-40% of total healthcare costs for employers with high concentration of office workers. 85% of employees know that sitting increases their neck / low back pain but only 11% knows what to do about it although 99% receives ergonomic training at work. Research says exercising 3 times a week does not offset the impact of prolonged sitting, but taking breaks every 30 min or so does. Hence, we apply research to real life.


Increase Productivity

Employees are productive at most 4 hours a day and in fact 30% of employees report being sleepy both in the morning and the afternoon. More than 60% say that they wish they could be more productive at work. We help your employees be at their best through deep breathing exercises and desk yoga exercises to give them relevant breaks and focus.

Customize platform to increase engagement in other resources you provide

You offer an on-site gym, GP, counselling, healthy options, standing desks but all that investment sit idle. Now you can use our platform to easily set up reminders and award points to increase use of those resources and increase the ROI


Mind and Body Coach App

A digital health coach for each of your employees that engages them in wellness and health resources you provide and keep them active in and outside of the office

Data Analysis

Understand and calculate the ROI in your wellness offerings, measure impact of wellness campaigns and resources. Get your data in front of insurers and get better insurance deals.


Online counselling

Weight management program. Employees sign up either to message 24 hrs our dieticians to ask questions on healthy eating or get an individualized diet plan and follow up. Online counselling with psychologists.

Corporate Health & Wellness Assessment

How stressed are your employees, what is the Body Mass Index distribution among them, what risk factors they face, where does your health spending lie? Let’s get your company’s wellness snapshot


Customize what you want engagement for

Do you want your employees to use the onsite gym, standing desks, get their vaccinations? We tailor the reward system to incorporate them so your employees are incentivized to check in to complete or get reminders to stay tuned



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About Us

We are a multidisciplinary team of Stanford and Harvard entrepreneurs, orthopedists, physiotherapists, dieticians, psychologists and personal trainers. Our goal is to make every moment healthy. Our founders, Abacioglu siblings, Firdevs and Melike Abacioglu were former investment bankers and consultants who suffered the weight gain and neck pain associated with sedentary living. When they read research about how our deskjobs are killing us, they decided to take on the challenge of developing healthy habits while at work. Staying healthy at work is important as it is where we spend 60% of our waking moments. Melike a former HR and Strategy consultant and Firdevs a former banker and investor are glad to work with employers to deliver this high engagement platform to businesses to help their employees stay healthy.