1. Hummus: Great source of fiber and protein, hummus will be a great quick snack with carrot or cucumber sticks.
  2. Hazelnut: Among family of nuts here is the most innocent one: Great source of Vitamin E, protein and omega 3. Consuming 1 handful of almonds or hazelnuts a day has been shown to release serotonin which helps regulate hunger. Serotonin helps decrease stress hormones and reduce the belly fat.
  3. Avocado: A great source of monounsaturated fat avocado helps with your cardiovascular health. Be careful not to consume more than a quarter of an avocado however if you want to watch your diet and weight.
  4. Yogurt: Yogurt’s components help reduce fat intake in the cells and therefore it is nice to have a little bit of it along with other foods you consume that might be fat heavy. It is also a great source of protein that breaks down slower than carbohydrates, making you feel full longer than an unhealthy processed snack.
  5. Chia Seed: A great sources of fiber, protein and omega-3, chia seeds make you feel full longer. An alternative would also be flaxseed with similar properties. Feel free to add a teaspoon to your salads or yoghurts.
  6. Salmon: The omega-3 in salmon helps you heal faster after exercising and reduces the anti-inflammatory elements due to obesity. Also a good source of protein, it would be good to eat salmon a week to make use of these properties and help lose it.
  7. Oats: Instead of commercial cornflakes and oatmeal variants with additives go with natural unprocessed oats. You can always add other nuts and raisins yourself. Oatmeal has really high fiber content and fiber keeps you full for longer. Try mixing a spoonful of oats into your omelette to make them feel filling. You’ll see the difference!
  8. Berries: Did you know among fruits, berries are not only the cutest but also the one with lowest amount of sugar in them? Blueberries, with anthocyanin, is a great source of antioxidants.
  9. Soup: Taking up space in your tummy for longer, having a cup of soup before main meals can help you consume less. To get the best effect, do not go for flour and fat heavy creamy soups, instead go for lentil, chicken and vegetable soup varieties.
  10. Popcorn: As long as you pop the corn without too much salt and oil, it is actually a nice snack that has fiber and keeps you full. You can also try replacing salt with red pepper, pepper or curry powder if you think can handle it without salt.